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Body Art and Microblading

Body Art is the practice of physical body adornment by means of tattooing or body piercing. Forsyth County Board of Health has, recently, approved some forms of body art. This includes microblading and permanent makeup. Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattoo artistry where ink is deposited superficially in the upper three layers of the epidermis to improve or create eyebrow definition. Permanent Makeup means inserting pigment under the surface of the skin in the facial area to produce a mark or figure visible through the skin. The application of permanent makeup is intended to consist of, but not necessarily limited to, the application of permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, and lip color. To practice these forms of body art in Forsyth County, you will need to apply for a Body Art Establishment Permit and a Body Artist Permit. For any questions or to apply for a permit contact Bonnie Huff

Body Art Establshment Applicaton

Body Artist Applicaton

Body Art Establishment Checklist

Body Artist Checklist

Body Art Affidavit

Body Art Fees

Forsyth County Board of Health Body Art Rules

Employee Health and Hygiene Policy for Body Artist

HepB Immunization Declination Form